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Where we design and create stylish, safe and affordable cardboard products for children. The merchandise is designed to a basic model, but with enough flexibility to let you be the creator of the final look and feel.

Our Products

As teachers, mothers and fabulous friends, we know the importance of imaginative play. Emy meets Lulu exclusive products give children the unique experience of being able to physically immerse themselves in their situation and surroundings. This adds an extra dimension to their play experience that traditional toys are unable to provide. 

We know that children’s imaginations are endless, and our range encourages their imagination and creativity to reach new levels through this special type of deeply engaging play. We know from our personal and professional careers the benefits to childhood development from learning through imaginative play. Imagination is an important building block for all learning, but especially language development and social skills.

Our cardboard products are flat-packed, eco-friendly and biodegradable.  Unlike plastic toys after they are outgrown, these cardboard playhouses can either be flat-packed away neatly or recycled again guilt-free!

Emy meets Lulu's products are made with the utmost care and sturdy cardboard.  Nevertheless, cardboard is a degradable product and after great playtime and use our products may show that love.  Please recycle the product into new creations with your child or dispose of in an earth friendly way.  

Who we are

We met at university, went on to teach together and have formed a great friendship that allows creativity, support and a lot of laughter. While on maternity leave at the same time - Emy with baby Slater and Lucy with baby Lewis - we came up with the idea of Emy meets Lulu, based in Geelong, Australia.

We teach product design professionally and our products hold educational value.  We understand the importance of play time for children of all ages and know that there is a need for sustainable toys that encourage children to engage in imaginative play.

Offering a strong, safe, and genuine hands-on approach to learning, Emy meets Lulu lays the foundation for a creative future.

Giving back
We started this journey knowing that we wanted to help others in need, and we have found two organisations that help us make this dream come true.
We are thrilled to have teamed up with Thankyou Nappies and Geelong Mums, and are now able to donate Thankyou Nappies to mums in need every time we sell a cubby.

So who are we supporting?
Geelong Mums is a volunteer-powered organisation based in Geelong, Victoria. They rehome new and pre-loved baby goods and nursery equipment to families in need. They believe that 'by reusing and recycling much-loved babies’ and children’s gear, we not only share the joy of motherhood with each other, but we save the earth’s precious resources too.'
Want to help out more? Follow the link to donate: https://www.geelongmums.org/

Thankyou is a company that take a holistic approach to combating poverty, by committing 100% of their profits to fund safe water, food and hygiene, and sanitation services around the world. Their nappy boxes help fund safe births and healthcare to empower mums and bubs in need.
Want to help out more? Follow the link to donate: https://thankyou.co/

Ready for your adventure to begin?

For all enquiries, collaborations or wholesale questions please contact us.


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